Adrian ‘Ace’ Johnson- President

8th Grade & HS Girls Head Coach

Coach Ace is far more than a coach. Not only is he the President of Team AIP, but he’s a loving father of 4 girls who gained his passion for basketball at a very young age. Growing up in Anne Arundel County, Coach Ace started playing youth basketball with great leaders as coaches who inspired him to keep pushing in what he loved and enjoyed. His ambition led his high school, Antioch Christian School to 3 State Championships, 2 of which they won.

In 2014, he became the assistant coach to one of his daughter’s basketball teams and by the end of the season, he became the Head Coach. Through training, skills and sportsmanship he has proven himself to be a remarkable leader. He is driven and knows how to ignite passion and motivation in the youth he trains. When the amount of kids exceeded the capacity allowed on a team, Coach Ace partnered with a friend and created another team. His soft spot for kids wouldn’t allow him to turn them away and also from doing what he loved most. Through support from close friends and family, the two teams grew successfully into a family oriented organization, Team AIP.

Nell Wallace- HS Girls Coach

Curtis ‘Curti’ Wilkerson-  High School Boys Head Coach

AIP finally introduced a boys team to the organization in 2017. Coach Curti was selected to undergo the new endeavor and adventure for AIP. This is Coach Curti’s first year officially coaching from the coach’s chair. He spent 15 years coaching his son and nephews from the sideline.

As a teen, he played shooting guard for Annapolis Gardens (AG) Rocks, as they went 40-0 in four seasons in the AAC basketball league from 1990-1994. As a young adult, he played for Run & Gun, and won two championships in 2005 & 2006 in the Sherman Plunkett National Basketball League in Annapolis.