March Madness

Team AIP March Madness Bracket Fundraiser


The NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament (March Madness) is one of the annual rights of spring time. Team AIP is launching our second annual March Madness Pool this year. The 2019 Tournament begins on Thursday March, 21st and the teams to enter into the brackets will be announced Sunday, March 17th. There is a $10 fee per sheet and brackets are due on March 20th by 6pm to the Team Admin or emailed to The winner will be announced during the week of April 9th after the last NCAA championship game.

Brackets are announced on Sunday, March 17th. The First Round will begin on March 21st. Printed Brackets will be available during team practices or you can obtain them online from here or you can download the interactive bracket below and email it back in.

Brackets must be turned in prior to the first game on March 20th along with a $10 donation to play. Points are awarded each round. 1 point for each team that reaches the second round, 2 points for the third round, etc. For a tie breaker we are asking that you provide the total of both team’s score in the designated block. The brackets will be handed out and collected by your Team Admin. Fees can be paid online at

The winning bracket will receive 25% of the amount raised for this event.
Any additional questions, please see your Team Admin.

2019 March Madness Bracket