You may download the forms and submit them back to your team mom in person, mail to the address on the checklist, or email them to Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Registration Form

Spring/Summer AAU Registration Fee


*we are currently working on a secure, online registration option, for parents that are interested in online registration. once we have launched our online registration, you will be notified. 

The fee for Spring/Summer 2019 will be $500  ($700 for HS) per student athlete. 

We will be pursuing fundraisers, donations and sponsorships to offset the cost.

***** Not included in the fee are traveling fees, lodging, and food. We will alleviate the cost for travel/lodging by fundraising, sponsorship, and donations.

We understand that this is a financial commitment. Please also consider this as an investment for your athlete. We believe that Anything is Possible, through hard work and dedication, and our student athletes will have access to many growth opportunities. If you have any issues with the current fees, please feel free to contact the AIP administrator.  We’re looking forward to another great season!